Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In search of the hottest cam girl

Wading through the cam females

metcams girl

Like many guys out there, I've been mildly interested in adult cams for a while but have never really ventured past a few clicks on a website. When I was searching for what I liked, I typed in my usual requirements: redhead, nice boobs, glasses, and an innocent look with a sly smile that is hiding a very naughty side. But when this girl's face appeared on the screen, I was immediately hooked and knew she was the definition of perfection in my eyes.

This Metcams girl was more than I expected in that she not only looks like what really gets me going, she was actually very chatty and accommodating. The clincher was that this girl could actually spend some time talking with her visitors, and had a brain, unlike a lot of the hot females who simply ask you to go private right away without even building any sort of relationship (no matter methods fake it might be) beforehand.. I found myself chatting with this girl about things that I rarely ever mention in real life, and she was even more into many of my ideas than I was! She was willing to role play, put on outfits, show me her toys, and really talk about her fantasies as well. By the end of our time together I knew I had found the best cam girl yet, and would surely be visiting her again.

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